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John, I have to be honest with you....

I cooked my Country Style Ribs with slices of Sweet Onions and Washington Apples with a Cup and a Half of MANKIND! Barbecue Sauce in a foil covered pan, braising in the Oven @375 for an hour and a half. The House Smelled Wonderful and my mouth was Watering!!!

Whilst that was cooking I made some Pan Fried Tater Cakes and some Yellow Sweet Corn......

Plated and then additional MANKIND! drizzled on top....

Outstanding!!!! I'm Fat And Happy!!!! Your Sauce is indeed Wonderful!!!!

When it hits the Market Place and People get a Taste, I imagine that you
will have a Great Success on your hands!!!

Well Done, Sir, Well Done!!


Nate's Review (BBQ Brethren - N8Man)