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Mankind Sauces, LLC PO Box 1222 - Show Low - AZ - 85902 The Story of Mankind!
Mankind... We are not talking about the human race here, but the word: "mankind." Of course, we do believe that "Mankind! Barbeque and Grilling Sauce", and all of our upcoming sauces and rubs, are GREAT for all of mankind, no matter who you are or where you live. "Mankind" as we use it in our family, however, means something a little different... something amazing!

My ancestors, as best we can figure, expanded westward from West Virginia in the 1800's, and some of their verbage has been carried down through generations. For example, when something is amazing, great, good or exciting, "mankind!" is used to proclaim it as such. (It can also mean Wow! or Incredible!)  It's a word that has a lot of meaning to my family and maybe to you today. The name "Mankind" is a superb fit for a super sauce company, since our sauces are amazing, great, good and exciting!

We can't say it enough: "Mankind! This is GOOD sauce!"

It is our sincere hope that you too will exclaim the goodness of Mankind!